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Our Mission

   Our mission at Ground Rigging 101 is to provide top quality training and certification as well as providing career opportunities for our American Veterans and every day citizens. Some people believe that practice make perfect. Perfectly practiced training makes PERFECT!

Our Vision-Mind, Muscle, and Focus

  Ground Rigging 101 was founded by a Vietnam Era Disabled Veteran, Glenn Gordon, who wanted to provide the opportunity to other veterans and civilians that have an interest in building an exciting career path.   

   There is no room for compensating for correct, professional, and complete rigging training that is dedicated and specific to the Concert, Theatrical, and Entertainment industry. We will give you hands on and class room training, along with hands on and written exercises to perform. At the end of the courses, you will be tested on your skill set to best prep for certification. We can also provide jobs for veterans upon completion of training and certification. 

   Picking any other training/testing certification course, other than Ground Rigging 101 would be compensating. Why wait, contact us today!

The 101

Check out this great video for detailed information about rigging and what Ground Rigging 101 is really all about.

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Ground Rigging 101

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